Asigurarea de sanatate privata Pentru Tine si Familie
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It is essential for everyone to always have some form of health insurance

Medical costs are extremely expensive
You never know when you may become sick. If you do become sick, hospital fees can reach levels, where you may become bankrupt. The beauty of health insurance is the fact that for a small monthly fee (premium) you can have coverage in the event you become sick and need to seek medical treatment.
Health insurance provides peace of mind
If you or a family member becomes ill or injured and you’re not insured, it might be difficult to get affordable health coverage later. And, the financial burden of a major illness or accident can be devastating.
With health care coverage, your plan pays some of your medical costs.
Plus you’re encouraged to seek preventive care, which could help you avoid an illness and save you the money you might have spent treating it.
You and your family are protected financially against sickness
Let’s say you do not have health insurance and you become sick and have to pay a tremendous hospital bill. After spending all that money, you might get sick again and this time won’t have the money to cover the cost of the treatment. In a scenario like this you might be sued or a lien placed on your property in an attempt to recover the costs of the medical bills.
Minor sickness can turn into serious sickness
When you do not have health insurance you avoid going in and getting treated for the little things, which can escalate into bigger things quickly. Preventive medicine and quick treatment is one of the best ways to avoid long hospital stays. If you have health insurance then you will not worry about this as much. Additionally if you are diagnosed with a serious medical condition you may have a difficult time finding health insurance after you have not had any.
You can take advantage of health and wellness tools and resources
Aside from providing financial protection, some of health insurance providers offer benefits, resources and incentives to help you and your family get and stay healthy. These may include coverage for annual check-ups and screenings, and discounts on exercise programs and alternative care treatments.