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If you will be initially paying for your treatment, print off a claim form (we can also send you paper copies if more convenient) and take with you to the hospital or clinic, have the doctor in charge of your treatment complete section 2 and complete the rest of the form yourself.

Enclose the original invoice(s) and send to us at: Bupa International, Victory House, Trafalgar Place, Brighton, BN1 4FY, UK.

Once your claim has been sent to us, you can track* the status of your claim on MembersWorld.

Worldwide Health Options plan holders can also submit claims online, via MembersWorld.

How we pay prior approval claims

We will pay your hospital or clinic directly – you don’t need to do anything else. You can track status of the claim on MembersWorld.

How we pay claims paid initially by you

We can pay you back via bank transfer or cheque, in over 80 currencies, and usually process your claim within ten days. (You will receive payment a few days later.)

What happens when treatment is not covered in full

We will advise your hospital, clinic or doctor that there has been a shortfall, and they will contact you to arrange settlement.